Monday, 24 October 2016

Week 5. Homework: Subtractive Tone Self Portrait

Using the techniques you experimented with in class this week explore them further by creating a series of Subtractive Tone Self Portraits.

Make a series of 5 self portrait drawings. 

  • Three should be of your face and experiment with different lighting (moving a desk lamp for example to create dramatic lighting effects) and facial expressions (see rembrandt below)...
  • Two should be of your full body and enable you to further practice your foreshortening skills. 

Remember from class...

...Try to see your (objects) face as being larger than life and having monumental qualities. Imagine them being as tall as the Eiffel Tower - a landscape to walk across - or an island in the sea, around which you could fly a helicopter. Visualise the spaces between them as being alive - sea, sand, sky.

On completion of this drawing you will have carved into the surface of charcoal covered paper and revealed an illusion of the visible world. In a similar way to the way in which Michelangelo found his figures in a piece of stone. You will begin to recognise the flexible beauty of charcoal, and this subtractive all over way of using it to make drawings.  

Rembrandt experimenting with capturing different expressions...

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